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According to Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December, into Protection of Data of Carácter Personal (LOPDP),we informed to him into which by means of the cumplimentación of the form their personal data will be built-in and will be treated in the automated files of Curtidos y Pieles S.A. . For this reason, when existing a personal data processing, Curtidos y Pieles S.A. has elaborated the present note with the intention of informing to the Users into its rights and obligations.

Curtidos y Pieles S.A., titular organization of the dominion, is a totally concienciada society with the treatment of the personal data and the responsibilities that it at any moment entails reason by which the use that will do at any moment of the data personal, it will be I bid and allowed by the User.

The successfully obtained data of the own Users will be introduced in automated Base de Datos, property of Curtidos y Pieles S.A., that is equipped with safety measures according to the arranged thing in the Regulation of Safety measures, by virtue of the successfully obtained data. The persecuted aim is to guarantee the security of the personal data and to avoid of this form its alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access. This file or data base totally is identified and enrolled in the Agency of Protection of Data, being guaranteed at any moment that the asked for data are adapted, pertinent and nonexcessive for the use for which they have been successfully obtained.

The collection and treatment of the Personal Data of the own Users have like main target the maintenance of the contractual relation as well as the management, administration, benefit of the service at issue with the purpose at any moment of reporting to the User the information by asked for him.

Curtidos y Pieles S.A. acquires the commitment in the measurement of its possibilities, to have updated and put to the day the successfully obtained information of the own Users. On the other hand Curtidos y Pieles S.A. will not respond of the veracity of the personal data provided being the own User to its only person in charge. If it will enjoy the faculty to verify them when therefore it considered it opportune.

In accordance with the arranged thing in the privacy policy of Curtidos y Pieles S.A., it is pointed out that any person will be able to exercise her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and in her case, opposition to the personal data that was in being able of Curtidos y Pieles S.A. by means of the shipment of a letter certified to the attention of the person in charge of the file to the following direction:

Curtidos y Pieles S.A. - Responsable del Fichero
Cl. Montes de Oca 19
09001 Burgos (ESPAÑA)

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