The company Curtidos y pieles, S.A. (Spain) was founded in 1972. It currently belongs to the Perez Moreno family through the the association of professional tanners.

CURPISA is located in Burgos, native zone of the lechal lamb and spanish merinillo, main raw materials of our industry.

In this long trajectory has shown to a deep knowledge and professionalism in the finished tanning of the lamb fur. Curpisa exports 80% of the total productio.

The furs are handled one by one from the purchase moment. The main person in charge of the purchase deals directly with the fur store clerk. The raw material is selected by its quality and texture, the furs are reviewed of with an artisan sense.

Not the mention the artisan work in the process production, the company counts on an average group of about 20 workers depeding on seasons, they are an expert team of professionals in the handling of the most specialized machinery, so that the quality of the finished item will be the most satisfactory for our customers, who demand furs mostly focused on the highest quality fashion market.

International projection

Through our representatives in Spain, Italy, France and Korea, the most prestigious fashion companies use our furs, tanned in different colors and modern or traditionals styles, for its innovating designs.

Throughout the process each order is taken care of applying the exact amount of dyes to obtain the color asked for by our client, all it respecting environment and reducing at any moment the environmental impact.

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